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Name: Jessica
Age: 16
Location: Covington VA
Sexuality: Stright

Music: Billy Idol, Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett, Misfits, Subhumans, Clit 45, Lowerclass brats, antidote, distillers, devotchkas, hole,horrorpops, tigerarmy, rancid,  sham 69, ausrotten, etc.
Movies: PARTY MONSTER, 28 days later, The outsiders, Sid and Nancy, dolly dearest, fight club, thirteen, monster squad, night of the living dead, etc.
Books: The outsiders,  pretty in punk, Im not a really big fan of reading just depends on what the book is about
TV:  Vh1 classic, south park, dave chappele, king of the hill, family guy, degrassi, daria,etc.

Likes: Stars, Hearts, Makeup, Zebra Print, Tiger Print, Leopard Print, England, rain, Night Time, Pizza, Jolly Ranchers, Pink, etc.
Dislikes: Snakes, Spiders, Cold Weather, annoying people, Covington, Backstabers, seafood, hotdogs,
Describe your style, baby: Umm Style... Mostly i wear band shirt or halter top shirts, plaid skirts, animal print skirts <3, Leopard Print Pants <3, or regular pants like black levi jeans, 14 eye boots.

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