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Name: Nicoley
Age: 16.
Location: That disgustingplace known as Calgary.
Sexuality: STRAIGHT AS AN S!!!

Music: Whatever. Anything besides country.
Movies: Mean girls, Zoolander, Pirates of the Caribbean, any porn movies.
Books: Angus, thongs and full-frontal snogging, and the rest of that series.
TV: Simpsons, that 70's show. Treehouse TV.

Likes: Baggy pants, green day, rainbows, shiny things, drugs, michelle, msn, chasing pigeons, nail polish.
Dislikes: I dunno. Your mom?
Describe your style, baby: Pretty faggot-ish. I dress like a little boy one day, and then a preppy slut the next. I don't really have a fucking style. Assholes.