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Fashion is for fashionable people.

...It's hard to be cool if you don't follow these rules.

Now what?...you fucking bitches.
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Welcome To flashyr_hotfuck

This Place Is For You If:

1. You wear and love make-up.
2. Flashy colors, rainbows, and shiny shit attract you.
3. You're a fuckin' slut, a fuckin' whore, a fucking ho, or a fucking bitch.
4. You're glam, glitzy, and gorgeous.
5. You're open-minded or a feminist/riot grrl/boi or into grrl rock

General Rules
1. Please post long entries, song lyrics, APPLICATIONS and photographs under an LJ-Cut.
2. Promotion is allowed as long as you've promoted this community.
3. I don't allow overly gross images, racist/homphobic images, etc.
4. If there is a post on a certain topic, it'd be nice to stay on topic.
5. Don't post lame things that aren't associated with the community at all.

am_i_a_feminist Will be your moderator. If you feel the need to contact me, leave a comment in my journal.

-After joining; fill out your application as soon as possible.
-You'll need to tolerate moderate critism.
-If you're telling yourself, "I wish I could be like them". DON'T JOIN.
-Don't over-use your right to start drama and arguments, you'll be banned.
-Please promote at least once on your profile and in an entry.
-When I ask to list your favorite movies, music, and television programming; I'm NOT asking for an extensive list.

(Please fill out with an LJ-Cut in a brand spankin' new post)


Describe your style, baby:
acceptance, accesories, activism, addiction, alternative rock, anger, angst, art, attention, attention whores, attitude, babydoll dresses, beauty, big boots, bikini kill, bitches, black hair, black nails, body modification, bracelets, brand new, bright eyes, broads, cam whores, candy, chicks on speed, clothing, communism, controversy, converse chuck taylors, courtney love, culture, cybergoth, devotchkas, disco, drag queens, drawn eyebrows, dreads, dressup, drugs, dyed hair, electroclash, electronica, equality, erotica, extasy, extravagance, eyeliner, fake eyebrows, fake hair, fake-eyelashes, fashion, fashion goth, fashion punk, feminism, feminist punk, fetishes, fighting, fishnets, flashy makeup, flowers, foul language, freaks, glam, glamour, glitter, gothic culture, grrl rock, grunge, grunge culture, hair, hair dye, hair extensions, hardcore, hoes, hole, homemade clothing, hookers, horror, horrorpops, humanism, humor, icons, individuals, intelligence, jack off jill, jewelry, karen o, kathleen hanna, knee high boots, lace, lapdancing, large rimmed glasses, le tigre, lesbians, lipgloss, lipstick, lunachicks, lyrics, makeup, metric, nail polish, nudity, oral sex, otep, pale skin, peaches, personality, petitions, photography, piercings, poetry, pornography, protests, punk rock, queen adreena, rating, rebellion, red lipstick, religion, revolution, ridiculing, riot boys, riot grrls, role-playing, romance, scene, screaming, screamo, self expression, self indulgence, sex, skids, sluts, special effects make-up, statements, stylish hair, subcultures, synthetic braids, synthetic hair, tattoos, technology, theories of existence, vanity, video games, vintage, whores, wigs, yeah yeah yeahs